Factors that Affect the Installation Costs of Concrete Block Fence

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How much it’ll cost to set up a concrete wall is probably one of the first questions that most clients would ask you. It’s extremely hard to gauge the cost of block wall installation without first examining the site and deliberating the specifics with the homeowner. As an average, the cost that usually takes to set up a CMU wall is $12 to 16 dollar per square foot. However, there are a lot of projects that could set on either side of this approximation. To have an idea of whether a project will be on the low end or high end of the spectrum, remember the factors listed below: 

The project’s scope? 

Regardless if they are planning to install a wall for a garden bed or a cinder block fence, property owners need to consider the wall’s size. Walls that are taller, thicker, and longer will take longer to install and need more materials. As a result, they eventually cost more.? 

The application of the block wall 

Usually, there is a massive gap between the costs linked with retaining wall installation and the?concrete block fence?cost. To construct retaining walls, contractors need to excavate the surrounding place first and make terraces. Also, they should consider thinking about the engineering aspects to make sure that the wall can hold the dirt’s force. Usually, you get to pay more if you decide to install retaining walls compared to CMU fences.? 

The current market for materials 

Nowadays, most block wall contractors have connections within the industry that enable them to buy materials at a cheaper price compared to retail stores. Then, they can guarantee that the materials will be high-end and you get to save your money and time looking for a material supplier. So, it’s a win-win situation for you and your installer. Although, market conditions fluctuate sometimes, wherein the materials price will skyrocket.? 

The complexity of the project 

Not only a regular block wall fence is a straight wall that has the same bonds. A lot of fences have gates for exit and entry, take corners, and follow contours. Usually, decorative fences have more complex bonds. If you combine the gate installation cost and the added higher labor costs of more complex bonds, it is obvious that you can expect a more expensive cost when your projects get more complicated. 

The conditions of the site 

A qualified block wall installer can construct a fence or a wall on just virtually any terrain. Because of that, some sites need more preparation compared to others. When the contractor needs to excavate a massive amount of the native soil to level a great amount of land or guarantee stability, it’ll increase the project’s overall cost.? 

Hire a trusted wall contractor 

If you want to have your concrete block fence to be installed or you want to prolong its life, make sure to reach out to a certified wall contractor for you to be guided on what course of action you should take.? 

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